Preston Paperboy | Global Art Management / by Kevin Oberholzer

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It’s been a long time since we were really excited about a change, about something new, something completely different with a talent which is absolutely unique in its genre. Therefore we have agreed to partner with an incredible young artist straight out of London which we will support globally as the official Art Management starting in July 2018.

Preston Paperboy is yet best to describe as a very diverse genius, which has its roots deep into architecture, design & art. Graduated as an architect, Preston has always been painting & creating things out of nowhere at a very young age. But what makes him special?  How did he make himself a name in the huge genre of art & how will he keep providing outstanding & unique pieces of art?

Preston doesn’t really care about digital growth & isn’t the type of type of guy which needs thousands of followers or an Instagram-Star-Status. Preston is a true artist who just likes to paint whatever he feels like & whatever he thinks is right for him & his surroundings. With his piece of Donald Trump which help spread his name globally, he set a very strong statement about the way he thinks & works. Preston just wants to create with paint & ideas and doesn’t care if it’s right or wrong. We therefore support him & help him connect with outstanding personalities & brands from all over the world & are truly excited to have him at Creaeight!

If you’re interested in a collaboration or if you want to talk about a custom piece for you or your company, we are looking forward to getting in touch. Until then, we are wishing you a great week & lots of ongoing success!

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