Wir sind sehr stolz, verkünden zu dürfen, dass wir per Oktober 2017 die Vermarktung des weltbekannten US-Designer Cole auf dem Europäischen Markt übernehmen.

+ Zu Cole's Instagram


EBNL Trailer

Wir präsentieren mit Freude den neuen Trailer zu Nadia Damaso's zweitem Kochbuch 'Eat Better Not Less - Around The World'. Viel Spass beim schauen & teilen!

+ Zum Trailer

Novis x Nadia

Wir sind stolz, Nadia Damaso, die erfolgreichste Schweizer Kochbuch-Autorin & Food-Künstlerin als neue Brand-Ambassadorin des Schweizer Unternehmens Novis zu präsentieren.

+ Zur Novis Webseite


Maserati Opening

n cooperation with Maserati Switzerland we have been filming and capturing the big opening of the new Maserati City in Zurich.

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Tour de Italy

We are thrilled to announce our next tour amongst the most successful Russian photographers to some of the most beautiful places in Italy. To get to know more about the tour, simply download the media kit on the link below. Create with us.

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Ren Active

Alexis Ren just announced her own sports line which is set together of a highclass sports-bra and leggings available online. Visit the website to get any further informations.

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Oleg x Hong Kong

Check out Oleg Cricket's newest video 'Savage' which was filmed in Hong Kong in cooperation with the Circulr Co. watch brand.

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Shaun Ross &

Shaun Ross is one of the five faces of headphones besides US-Superstars like Kendall Jenner, Naomi Campbell, Will I Am & India Love. Check out the official advertising on the link below.

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Jay & Oleg in Dubai

10 million followers on a trip to Dubai? This only happens when some of the biggest personalities on Social Media meet up in Dubai. Enjoy watching the video featuring Jay Alvarrez, Oleg Cricket & Viki Odintcova in the city of Dubai.

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Tour de Engiadina

We have been travelling through some of the most mindblowing places in the swiss alps capturing images & videos for Porsche & Maserati Switzerland and the Design Hotel Nira Alpina in Silvaplana.

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Tour de Valais

We have been travelling to the mountains of Valais in cooperation with Bentley, Tesla, W Hotel Verbier, the Park Hotel Vitznau and the Cambrian Hotel in Adelboden to capture amazing content with Russian's most successful photographers.

On the Edge

Enjoy Oleg Cricket's newest video capturing himself in the city of Dubai, doing some mindblowing stunts to show off his incredible talent in Rooftopping & Parcours.

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Sam Kolder

Wir sind Stolz, ab August 2017 einer der talentiertesten Photo & Videographen der heutigen Zeit zu beraten & vermarkten und auf dem gesamten Europäischen Markt zu vertreten.

Mehr über Sam


Jay x Coca Cola

Check out Jay Alvarrez's brandnew global Coca Cola Advertising, starring Philine Roepstorff in Bali, Indonesia. The Advertising is displayed all over the world on TV.

Watch the spot

Nadia Damaso

We are proud to announce that we are exclusively representing Switzerland's most successful Cookbook-Author & Food-Artist, Nadia Damaso. We warmly welcome her to Creaeight!


Sports Executive

Pure insanity. No other words to describe the feeling we had being on tour with Sports Executive Sàrl at the Glacier 3000 & Saas-Fee. From private trips with snow groomers, to untouched freeride hills on top of a completely empty ski area 3000m above the sea. We can't wait to show you what we were able to create!


Alexis Garin

We have been shooting a raw collection of Swiss handmade luxury watches for four days in the heart of the Valais, probably the most beautiful place in Switzerland. An opportunity we are extremely proud of and excited to show off. Images & Film will be up soon.


Jay x UAE

The long awaited video is finally out. Watch Jay Alvarrez & Oleg Cricket going crazy on their trip to Dubai/United Emirates as they have teamed up to create the video of the year.

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Daniel Arsham

As we are partnering with Daniel Arsham on his European tour in October 2017, he is available for multiple dates & shows. Get in touch for any further informations about Daniel Arsham.

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Jay x Kygo

Jay Alvarrez has teamed up with the Norway Superstar DJ & Producer Kygo for his official music video 'Carry Me' in Ibiza, Spain.

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Shaun Ross Tour

We hit the road with Shaun Ross for three days to promote his personality in Germany & Switzerland. Teaming up with multiple brands & nightlife venues, we definitely had a blast and want to thank all our partners & clients on this tour.

Coco & Breezy

We are still thrilled to be able to working with Coco & Breezy from Brooklyn, New York. They are now working with personalities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga & Prince all over the world. We have setup their official Release Party in Switzerland at the Alice Choo Club in Zurich.

+ To their Website